[Evolution] Virtual Folders broken in 3.2?

hi, using evolution 3.2 on fedora 16 beta. on f15 with evolution 3.0 i
had a virtual folder called combined inbox that had an either or
matching message location to one of my two personal imap accounts. so
it was something like:
rule name: combined inbox
match if any of the conditions below is true
message location = personal imap inbox 1
message location = personal imap inbox 2

unfortunately, this no longer works in evo 3.2. I saw on the mailing
list that removing and re-adding source folders sometimes works, and
i've played with that a fair bit now. first adding my two imap inboxes
and source folders, then choosing all remote and local, then all
local, etc. etc.

also, changing the thread options has no effect either.

i can create a test folder that matches if an email was sent to me and
that works fine. advice and tips appreciated.


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