Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.0.3 Sent Folder Issues

> Wild guess: .Sent is an empty leftover and you want to use Sent instead,
> and have to adjust your default folder settings under Edit â Preferences
> â Mail Accounts â Edit â Defaults â Folder.
> andre

I've got an identical problem. ÂIn my case there is a *folder* called .Sent
which contains older messages and a *file* called Sent that contains newly sent
ones, probably the ones sent since I upgraded to 3.0.3. ÂI also have sets of
folders with earlier messages such as "Inbox 2009" that were created in earlier
versions of Evolution.

It appears that Evolution changed from folders to files in 3.0.3 but the upgrade
process was broken and Evolution is now confused as to which files or folders
it's supposed to be using. Any ideas? ÂI don't want to lose any emails!

You have to re adjust your defaults to select the correct sent folder. Same for drafts. This is a known issue with evo 3.x upgrade from 2.32


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