Re: [Evolution] Signature not verified

On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 15:17 +0100, Paul Menzel wrote:
What does it claim about the signature exactly, please?

The box is red and reads ÂInvalid signature (German: ÂUngÃltige

hmm, I see the texts are there even in 2.30.0. Mine works as expected.
(See below.)

As an example, I see "Valid signature (David Woodhouse <...>)" on the
inner message, but "Signature exists, but need public key" on your
signature. I believe the later makes sense too, and can be probably the
reason for your error claim. When you click the icon on the left from
the signature claim inside the message, then you can see more details.

The certificate for Intel(?) seems to be missing.

Unterzeichner: <unknown> <<unknown>>: Signaturzertifikat nicht gefunden
Signee(?): <unknown> <<unknown>>: signature certificate not found

So I guess the error message should be improved by adding the reason to
it: ÂInvalid signature (certificate not found)Â.

That is how it works for me, even on 3.2.2, which is the current stable.
Just get root certificates from , install them into
certificate Authorities, edit the trust for it (you should tell
evolution/nss/nspr that your trust this certificate authority (CA)), and
then it'll work.

I just tried, and when I do not trust to the CA, then I also get
"Invalid Signature", and the detailed information says:
   Signer: David ... <...>: Signing certificate not trusted

Even it can seem strange on the first look, then it makes sense that
signatures done by certificates which are published by CA you do not
trust are treated as invalid.

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