Re: [Evolution] How can I prevent Evolution from storing IMAP mails in filesystem?

On Wed, 2011-11-23 at 17:27 +0100, Thomas Broda wrote: 
It would be great if someone could tell me whether this whole thing is
a (known) bug (I mean, there still *is* this checkbox) or am I just
unable to configure Evolution properly?

Not a bug.  The purpose of that option is to tell Evolution to download
full messages upfront instead of just envelopes so messages can be read
while offline (while traveling for example).  But it's obviously slower
than normal operation, which just downloads envelopes (what you see in
the message list) upfront and the full message on-demand.

There is no way to disable local caching and, per my previous response,
no point in such an option.

Your privacy concern is valid but you're attacking it from the wrong
angle.  Protect your user account instead of worrying about what apps
put there.

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