Re: [Evolution] Evolution and roaming

     - If I run evolution, it would be a total switch from Thunderbird.
     - I would have the mail files located on the Linux box.
     - I would like to have the Windows laptop run Evolution, but access 
the mail files on the Linux box.  I am doing that currently
        with Thunderbird.

You mean using the same physical *private* filestore for Evo?  I think
you are lining up a whole bunch of trouble for yourself there.  I'm
actually quite surprised it works with Thunderbird!

     -  When I take the Windows laptop away from my home network, where 
it can't access the Evolution mail files,
        I would like it to store the new messages on the laptop until I 
return home.  Then I would like to merge the newer
        Windows mail messages with the Linux mail.

Can this be done?

Not directly with Evo.  As Patrick says, your best bet is to use some
form of IMAP server that both your laptop and linux box can get mail
from - you isolate yourself from changes in file locations & format and
open up a whole load more possibilities in terms of clients.


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