Re: [Evolution] Evolution and roaming

On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 03:31 -0600, Jim Sabatke wrote:
Currently I have a home network setup with a SuSE 11.2 Linux box and a 
Windows 7 laptop, both wireless.   Right now, with Thunderbird, I can 
use the Linux box to download all messages and use Thunderbird on the 
Windows box to access all needed functionality on the Linux box (via 
Samba) to send and receive emails.  I would like to be able to take my 
notebook out of my network and connect to any wifi access point, perform 
normal sending and receiving of emails, and then synchronize the data 
with the Linux box when I get home.

I've looked at all the Evolution documentation I could find online, and 
haven't found anything related to this.

Is it possible to do with Evolution?

It depends what you mean by "synchronize", and also on how your mail is
set up. Also, it's not clear if your idea is to use both TBird and Evo
on the same mail accounts.

The easiest solution is just to use IMAP, in which case it's all pretty
much automatic (insert caution about multiple concurrent IMAP clients
here). I have several IMAP accounts and can access any of then from any
IMAP client (Evo, TBird, Claws, ...) from multiple locations as long as
I take care only to use one at a time.

If you use POP, all mainstream clients can read and write mbox files, so
you can copy them (or import them) as you wish, if that's what you mean
by synchronize. OTOH if synchronize means "merge", it will take more

Note that none of these methods copy indices, as each client has its own
idea of how to do this. This means that indices will have to be
reconstructed, but that's usually automatic. Contacts of course are a
whole other story.


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