Re: [Evolution] Evolution places quoted text in a table, when replying sometimes

On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 14:39 -0500, Eric Morey wrote: 
I noticed that when replying to certain e-mails, Evolution places the
quoted text of the original e-mail in a table. This makes commenting
in-line in my reply a bit frustrating. 

Yep.  I'm a huge fan of Evolution - Evolution *ROCKS* full-stop - but
this behavior really cheeses me off.  Drives me up the wall.

The issue is when replying to &^%@&^@ *MORONS* who send HTML e-mail.  It
will always reply to the HTML part.  There are some preferences which
make it less annoying/frequent - but it never goes away.

I'm using Evolution but have heard the same complaint from
someone using Evolution 2.28.3. I've filed a bug[1] after looking for an
open one on bugzilla. 
As a work around, I normally:
- highlight the text in the table/cell press ctrl+c to copy it the the
- open a plain old text editor; 

gedit!  It is always open anyway.

- press ctrl+v to paste the text to the text editor; 
 go back to evolution's composer and delete the table (either by just
pressing delete until the I'm sure that it is gone or right clicking the
table and choosing the delete table option; 

You can get the @*(^$*&@*( table to delete?  I frequently can only get
most of the @*^*&$( @*(&^$(&*@ ( thing to go away.

It may seem like a lot of steps but it takes less than a second if I
already have a text editor open. However, the fact that this workaround
is necessary to accomplish my task is annoying. 
If someone knows of a better way to be able to reply with in-line
comments in this situation when using evolution, please let me know.

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