Re: [Evolution] evolution-mapi and openchange - hard dependency on samba4?

On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 16:48 +0800, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:
What I'm gathering from your answer is that I should really be asking
the openchange people? (sort of assumed they'd also be the evo-mapi

heh, not at all, those are very different people. :)

For the record, openchange 0.10 is based on samba4-alpha13, that's the
combination I was previously using before I lost access to my mapi

What does it mean "lost access"? Did you try to debug what is going
wrong? Like with:
   $ MAPI_DEBUG=10 evolution &>mapi.log
it's quite chatty, but may get you some pointers, as it shows raw
communication between libmapi and your exchange server. Search there for
the error and see who claimed. Maybe more details will be seen.

evo-mapi 0.32 is of course based on openchange 0.10.

Well, it isn't by default. Evolution-mapi is still depending on
openchange 0.9. All above is sort of experimental, in a sense that
evolution-mapi is ready for new openchange, but as it is not widely
available yet, then it's not ready with all new features added in latest

So my modified question is whether openchange 0.10 works with
samba4-alpha14. Should I bring this to another list/forum/location?

The easiest way is to try yourself, as I said in the previous mail, do
"make samba-git" in openchange and see whether it survives or not. I'm
really not sure whether necessary changes landed either in openchange or
in evolution-mapi, to be compileable with latest samba4. Of course,
openchange svn trunk works with the latest samba4 code.

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