Re: [Evolution] login password

Why does it keep my mail account password in the Gnome keyring?

Because that's how it's programmed.

As to philosophically why it does it, I presume that's because it
removes the need for the programmers to implement (and maintain) a
secure store for passwords - why do it when there is a gnome component
that is specifically designed to keep passwords safe.

 No other
application seems to require the password to my Gnome keyring.  I have
no experience with keyrings and such.  I have them all disabled on

If you have disabled Gnome keyring, then that's probably why it keeps
asking for your password - Evo has no other place to store passwords,
hence it needs to ask you for them each time.

And I don't think you need to be particularly "experienced" with them to
let a program use keyrings - it's just an encrypted store of passwords.


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