Re: [Evolution] Filtering broken in svn head

This seems to be a problem with filtering rules that produce an action that
moves a message to a local folder.  If you look at your file:
"/home/$USER/.evolution/mail" you will notice rules like the following:

    <rule enabled="true" grouping="all" source="incoming">
      <title>subject: [ExI]</title>
        <part name="subject">
          <value name="subject-type" type="option" value="contains"/>
          <value name="subject" type="string">
        <part name="move-to-folder">
          <value name="folder" type="folder">
uri="email://1294773924 1858 26 psuche/INBOX/artificial_intelligence"/>

Notice the "email://####### computername/INBOX/foldername" part of the
action.  The #### part seems to change between fresh installs of evolution. 
If you add a new rule to your existing set of rules, you will see the
correct number.  You can then use your favourite text editor to search and
replace the old number with the new number.  This fixed approximately 100
filters that I have installed.  I consider this to be a bug in evolution,
and it would be a big waste of each users time if they rely on this
filtering mechanism at all.


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