Re: [Evolution] Evolution backup problem

I can go to File > Backup settings and create >>evolution-backup.tar.gz.
<<< on my external hard drive, which as you say shows up on âPlacesâ.

What format is the external drive?  How big is the backup file?

If I backup to a USB stick using the same procedure it all works as per
the instructions in the Evolution guide and restores OK.

What format is the USB stick?  How big is the backup file on there?

Try creating the backup file on your local disk.  Can Evo restore from
there?  If so, try copying the backup file to the external drive - can
Evo recognise it now?  If not, are the two files identical?  (Look at
file sizes, if they are the same, then use diff on the two files.)

You could also try doing 'tar tzvf evolution-backup.tar.gz' on the file
on the external drive.  Does it come up with an error?


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