Re: [Evolution] Sent Folder

I just noticed that my "Sent" folder only has about 2 dozen messages
instead of the several hundred it usually contains.

When I check Preferences/Edit/Defaults, it shows the Sent Messages
Folder is "Sent" and I don't believe this has changed.

"Sent" folder where?  If you are using IMAP (you don't say if you are),
and you expect the Sent folder to be on the IMAP server, then you have
to explicitly point it to the correct place.

If it just says "Sent" then that is the folder under "On this Computer"
- is that where you are looking?

Any suggestions as to what I might have done to lose my records and
whether it is possible to find them?

Ae the "2 dozen messages" just new ones? Just old ones?  Is there any
thing common to them?  Do new sent messages appear in the folder?  Do
you have any searches active on the folder?  How many messages does it
say there are at the top of the folder tree window.


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