[Evolution] custom feilds in contacts and manipulating contact preview

Hi Im a fairly new(8 month) user of ubuntu, using it in a business. Im
trying to find a replacement for sidekick but most modern applications ive
found dont have the functionality or the capabilities of sidekick, and
have a lot of fluff added. Several people in our office have used sidekick
for a decade and I need something that behaves similarly.

1. Im looking at Evolution which seems to have the functionality and
networking capabilites that we need, but I cannot find how or if I can add
custom feilds to the contact forms. We need custom feilds to track
customers previous class attendance and other details. Is there any way to
add them or modify the contact form template? This is the only part of
Evolution that seems inflexible and I have been unable to find this
information anywhere.

2. I am also looking for a way to modify a contact's information through
the contact preview without having to open the full contact editor in
order to modify their information(this was also doable in sidekick)

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