Re: [Evolution] Evolution & SIEVE [Was: IMAP and mail filters]

On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 20:04 +0200, Antono Vasiljev wrote: 
On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 09:18 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I solved this problem by doing all of my mail filtering remotely on the
IMAP server via Fastmail's filtering tools. ( hosts my
Its not solution, it's workaround :)
SIEVE is simply awesome;  I run my own Cyrus instance on Linode and my
employer uses Cyrus - so SIEVE is how I accomplish most of my filtering.
Server side filtering just makes good sense.
I'm not a C-hacker;  but is anyone else interested in possibly posting a
bounty for this bug on one of the bounty services?  *Maybe* we could get
someone interested.  I'd be willing to put up $100 US.
Sounds like nice project for Google's Summer Of Code if anyone wants to
sponsor it.
I cant try to implement it without sponsoring. Probably not in C but in
some higher level language like Vala or Genie.

Is it possible to develop a *working* evolution plugin in a language
other than C?  There was some noise about being able to extend Evolution
via Mono [.NET] (which was exciting!) but that fizzled.
But GNOME-Do did [does?] have an Evolution plugin written in Mono [I

There are evolution-mono-plugins and evolution-python-plugins packages
in most distributions; but I'm not aware of anything built on them. 

Given that GObject is well wrapped in PyGTK Python might be a good
<> [Still scary old]  Kupfer had 
some kind of plugin for Evolution.

I explored managesieve client implementation in ruby and protocol seems
easy to be implemented.


Only thing i doubt about is how easy it will be
to convert evolution filters to sieve scripts.

I don't think converting existing filters would be required, or even
desirable.  Server-side filters are account-specific which Evolution
filters really aren't, server-side filters are also different in some
ways.  If a plugin just added a tab to IMAP account(s) that allowed
filters to be created/modified/removed I think that would be sufficient
- or right clicking on an IMAP account and selecting edit-filters.

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