Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

On Mon, 2011-02-14 at 08:51 -0200, Sergio Gelli wrote:
[Please don't top-post on this list] Sorry, what do you mean?

Top-posting means inserting your comments before the quoted message
instead of after it. It's a practice much used in corporate email
systems because Outlook does it that way, and now people seem to think
it's natural. However the long-standing practice in Internet mailing
lists and newsgroups is to add comments after the quoted material, which
makes a lot more sense when we have long threads of several levels of
nested *and edited* comment. Many lists even require this as and regard
top-posting as a violation of netiquette (along with thread hijacking,
posting in HTML, etc.). This list has no formal Guidelines but
nevertheless top-posting still bothers many people so it's best to avoid


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