Re: [Evolution] Issue with formatting of gconf files.

I see your years of experience have not taught you how to trim posts ...

XML means eXtended Meta Language.

No it doesn't.  It stands for eXtensible Markup Language.  

  It is a programming language with
structure and meaning, and it is extensible.  You can call it a data
description language, and that means it standardizes the representation
of information. It is a coding language for the representation of data.

Yes, it's a language for representing data - but calling it a
programming language is at best pushing the description, you can't
"execute" XML, you can't compile it in to a set of instructions that
will cause a computer to perform some predefined actions.

You may, or may not, believe much of what's on Wikipedia, but the first
line of the article on XML ( says

        Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a set of rules for encoding
        documents in machine-readable form.

That says it all really...

 Yes, I can
figure it out, I can even hand edit it, but not with the pathetic tools

It was never intended to be human edited/read, so to be honest you are
fairly lucky that there are any tools at all to manipulate Gconf -
although I forgot, you weren't using the tools, you were grubbing about
in the .gconf hierarchy weren't you.

Bottom line is that this is Linux, if you don't like the tools included,
then you are at liberty to find something else to use, and if none of
those meet your expectations, then write one your self.  I believe you
are a programmer, so that shouldn't be a problem for you.

 and moreover it is NOT a calendar.

Yes, sorry, my mistake, it's an addressbook - you did, however leave out
the most important bit of the whole thing, which is the key that that
bit of XML belonged to, which would have given some context.


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