[Evolution] Automatically changing "from" address depending on "to" header

I constantly wish to respond to emails with the "From" address set to
the same as the "To" header, where the email was received to. 

For example, I might have example.org as my domain. I have set-up
evolution to have the main account as <michael example org>. However, I
have a catch-all set up on the example.org domain, so that all emails
are sent to <michael example org>. This means I can give a different
email address to every person/organisation, who I want to be able to

The government might get <ineednogov example org>, and that dodgy spam
company might get <buggeroff example org>, and the hotel I stayed at for
one night that insisted I had an email address when I booked online, and
that I will never stay at again, might get <hotelcal example org>. 

The advantage of the catch-all is that I can make up an address on the
spot, and I don't have to register it anywhere. 

The trouble is, that sometimes I want to respond to these emails, but
without using my main account. ATM I've got a send only account that I
change the email address of every time I want to send an email. I don't
want to have to set up an account for every possible email (because by
this stage I've probably got over 100). 

What I would really like is a way for Evolution to check the "To"
address when I hit reply on an email, and auto-insert that into the
"From" field (or at least have it as an option). 

Does anyone have any idea of how I might accomplish this? 


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