Re: [Evolution] Evolution doesn't save Mail Account's passwords

On Sat, 2011-12-31 at 12:07 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
I'm not using Debian, so my advice may mean very little to you.  When I
start evolution mail I get a popup dialog box from gnome keyring asking
for my master keyring password before evolution will let me fetch new mail
or even read my old mail.   Really very annoying.

Well that's because that's how gnome-keyring has been configured - it
doesn't have to do that.  A quick Google search will come up with
methods of stopping it happening - for instance on the Ubunutu forums:

BTW, my distribution (gentoo) is about halfway between gnome2 and gnome3,
so I'm not sure that I see what the gnome devs think I should see :)

All that Evo does is to ask gnome-keyring for the password - if
gnome-keyring needs more info it will ask for it: it shouldn't matter
what version of Gnome you are using.

Unfortunately the auto-login setting of gnome-keyring is only effective
when logging into Gnome. AFAIK users of other desktops have no recourse.
This has been a sore point for years.


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