Re: [Evolution] Bug#638936: Stability of evo?

On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 18:10 +0200, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
We try, but, honestly, we're not much people on that and I don't have
that much time myself. Some people report in Debian and then in upstream
bugzilla, or report to Debian and then look in upstream bugzilla and
find a relevant bug, then mark the Debian bug as forwarded. But there's
no way I can keep track of everything (that's why I advise people to
look at GNOME bugzilla first).

We struggle with the same problem in Fedora.  Honestly I rarely even
look at Fedora's Bugzilla anymore, other than for rpm packaging issues,
and have almost given up on forwarding bugs upstream since they're
almost always dupes.

I guess five years of this has started to wear me down.

Best I can figure out is there's a lack of consensus about what a Free
Software distro's role is or should be.  We debate this ad nauseum on
Fedora lists.  Users seem to view distros as one-stop shopping for any
software support issue, and I can understand that.  Upstream developers
(many of whom are also distro maintainers, myself included) view distros
as little more than transport layers for their software project and
prefer all bug reports be sent directly to the _project's_ bug tracking
system, and distro maintainers get stuck in the middle playing traffic

Anyway, you're not alone in the struggle...

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