Re: [Evolution] How to use the appointment to send e-mail

On Wed, 2011-08-17 at 09:43 +0800, sam poon wrote: 
It is found that the e-mail can not be sent via appointment.  On the other
hand, it is easy to send e-mail via assigned task and shared memo. Is it
function of sending e-mail in appointment?  If yes, woud you provide some
guideline or procedurce of sending e-mail in appointment? Thank you!

I suppose you are talking about invitations sent to other participants
of the appointment. In that case, Evolution distinguishes between
appointments and meetings, the later is to be used when you also need
more participants (thus the meeting), which you can enter and then any
change to the event will be sent to them (if you approve the sending on
changes save). Basically, use File->New->Meeting instead of
File->New->Appointment (similarly in a context menu in the calendar

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