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Ladies and gentlemen,

As perfect is the enemy of good, after putting the remaining TODOs into
the categories "FIXLATER", "NEEDHELP", "MUSTFIX" and "DONTCARE" (that's
Groupwise and Exchange) and having no MUSTFIXes left as of today, I
consider the new Evolution User Documentation as ready for shipping in
You can find the remaining TODOs by grep'ing the code for "TODO".

Current codebase: http://gitorious.org/evolution-docs
More info: http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/DocRewrite

To have a quick look yourself:
* git clone git://gitorious.org/evolution-docs/evolution-docs.git
* cd evolution-docs
* yelp .

What is left to do outside of the documentation itself:
* integrate in Evolution (copy and adjust /help/Makefile.am)
* fix context sensitive help button linking in Evolution (grep 
  for "e_display_help" and "help_section"?)
* merge old translations (as some stuff has been re-used)
* notify gnome-i18n@
* remove link to Evo FAQ link from Help menu
* maybe change "Contents" entry in Help menu to "Contents (new)" 
  for one cycle to show people that have given up on the old 
  manual that it has changed?

Evolution developers are very welcome to comment on / fix the following
UI issues partially identified while writing the docs:

I would like to thank all contributors. You are hopefully listed on the
page "Credits and Acknowledgment", if not please drop me a line.

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http://blogs.gnome.org/aklapper | http://www.openismus.com

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