Re: [Evolution] evolution-2.32.1 (FreeBSD HEAD) && calendar not working

El día Tuesday, April 26, 2011 a las 04:16:56PM +0100, David Woodhouse escribió:

On Tue, 2011-04-26 at 16:55 +0200, Matthias Apitz wrote:
I could entirely go back to 2.32.1 because the bug of the calendar stuff
is there as well... maybe this would help later to fix the 2.32.3 too;
What do you think? 

I don't think that'll make any difference at all.

There are no code changes at all from evolution-exchange-2.32.2 to

There are four bug fixes from 2.32.1 to 2.32.2, but none of them seem
relevant to the backtrace you showed. Your prebuilt evo-exchange 2.32.1
should be working just fine with the latest versions of e-d-s and evo.

Your compiler bug is almost certainly going to bite you if you try to
rebuild evo-exchange 2.32.1 with debugging information.

Can you use a different version of the compiler? Can you provide me with
the preprocessed .i file? I'll see if the FreeBSD VM I was using for
OpenConnect testing is still lying around somewhere... or perhaps you
can give me an account on a box for testing?

I think we have now the two options and I will try them in this order:

get evo-exchange 2.32.1 compiled with -g with the normal gcc 421 from

build gcc46 or gcc47 from the ports and compile evo-exchange 2.32.3 with
it and with -g 

I will let you know when I have 1) or 2) ready, this will take some days;

concerning access to the VM, it is hosted on my business laptop and I
could make it only visible over the (European) night or weekends;
let's talk about this off-list when 1) and 2) failes; thanks

Matthias Apitz
t +49-89-61308 351 - f +49-89-61308 399 - m +49-170-4527211
e <guru unixarea de> - w

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