[Evolution] [ANNOUNCE] Evolution-EWS (Exchange Web Services) Alpha release

Exchange Web Services is the SOAP-based protocol that obsoletes MAPI, as
of Exchange 2007.

We are pleased to finally announce that the EWS support for Evolution
has reached our Alpha milestone.

It can be downloaded from

... or from the git repository at

The same code will work with *both* Evolution 2.32 and Evolution 3.0
(and master).

At this point, it should be fully functional for email. You can read and
delete messages, create/copy/rename/move/delete folders, and the
read/answered/forwarded state of messages should be synchronised back to
the server correctly. Completion of addresses from the Exchange
directory (GAL) is also working.

Read-only calendar functionality is also working â you can view your
calendar and any attachments there may be on calendar entries.

We will be working on completing the rest of the calendar read/write
functionality, and also on the *personal* addressbooks which are not
currently supported.

Testers and developers welcome...

David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre
David Woodhouse intel com                              Intel Corporation

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