Re: [Evolution] evolution systray

That's an option of course, but I'm so used to have certain programs,
the ones always open, available in the systray it's hard to adapt to a
new way of doing it. Skype, xchat, truecrypt, dropbox and Opera works
like that. It would be really great if Evo had that option as well since
it it a program most users have open at all times like the ones
mentioned above.

I may be missing something here, but I was under the impression that the
systray was a container to hold things for notifying you of an event -
i.e. things that ran in the background as a (userland) daemon.  It's not
a container to hold gui programs while you want them out of the way.
The only one of those progs you mention that are doing the "wrong" thing
is Opera - all the rest are hanging around waiting for an external

This may be a bit of the mark, but if you want a program to be hanging
around running but not visible, why not, err, minimise it.  Then all you
have to do is to click on the little rectangle in the window list

What's more, if you leave Evo running in a minimised state, then another
copy of Evo starts up virtually immediately without going through all
the initial checks for new mail.  I have a launcher for Evo in the top
bar of my window - the first click on there will launch Evo, subsequent
clicks will create a new window that is ready for use straight away.

Why is "minimise to systray" necessary?


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