Re: [Evolution] Folders time update

On Sun, 2010-10-10 at 15:42 -0300, Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos wrote:
Gracias por responder.

El dom, 10-10-2010 a las 13:41 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan escribiÃ:
On Sun, 2010-10-10 at 14:17 -0300, Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos wrote:
Hello people, English its not my native language, so if i make a
grammatical mistake... i'm sorry.

I wonder if i can configure the update times of the Evolution mail
account folders, independently between them.

Do you mean you want the folders to be updated independently? You can't
do that in Evo. When it fetches mail, it fetches all of it from all

Exacto. Lo que pasa es que estoy suscrito a varias listas de correo, de
esta manera, quiero que se actualicen diferente al correo "normal", asÃ,
aprovechar el icono que provee Evolution cuando tienes un correo nuevo
(estrella amarilla).

        [Free translation: Exactly. The situation is that I'm subscribed
        to several mailing lists and want to update them separately from
        normal mail, using Evo's icon (button) for new mail].

That can't be done at present, as I said earlier.

(Esto no es posible actualmente, como dije antes).

La idea es similar a lo que Liferea(
permite hacer con los feeds.

        [The idea is like what Liferea does with feeds]

Me dices que no se puede, pero eventualmente, Âse podrÃa hacer un plugin
para poder configurar esto? Si se pudiere, estoy dispuesto a aprender lo
que se necesite :)

        [You say that can't be done, but maybe a plugin could be
        designed for this? If so, I'm willing to learn whatever's
        necessary to do it :-) ]

I'm not sure if a plugin can hook into the mail fetching routines, which
are actually handled in evolution-data-server.

(No sà si se puede, porque la parte de bajar nuevos correos se hace en
e-d-s, no en el cliente usuario)

AverigÃÃ que en Thunderbird se puede hacer esto, por eso lo pregunto.

        [Thunderbird can do this, which is why I ask]

Pero como encuentro mÃs atractivo Evolution, porque se complementa bien
con GNOME tanto en funcionalidades como diseÃo, prefiero usar Ãste.

        [However since I find Evo more attractive, as it complements
        GNOME in both funcionality and design, I'd rather use it].


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