Re: [Evolution] Can't save pictures; Can't forward pictures

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 05:45 -0500, timothy covell wrote:
This worked.  So, Evolution doesn't recognize my "forward as new"
e-mail as being HTML and defaults to TXT which clobbers the 
pictures....Hmm.  Perhaps it would be nice to prompt the user
"This message contains HTML. Would you like to send as HTML or
plain text (Sending as plain text will result in loss of images
and formatting).  Yes/No"

FYI: I did a <CTRL>-U and found that the images were indeed 
local to the HTML file (which the up/down-load times had told
me already.  

I'll submit this as a bug.

it's not a bug, Edit->Preferences->Composer Preferences, General tab,
Format Messages in HTML. But, to be honest, Not everyone likes HTML, and
prefers plain text mails.

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