Re: [Evolution] Evo segfaulting on Fedora 14

On 11/9/10 12:55 PM, Pete Biggs wrote:
There isn't anything there except some empty directories. Am I to assume
that ~/.evolution no longer exists in the default install?
It still exists on my clean install of F14, but all it contains are some
calendar and task cache files - presumably someone forgot to move those
to the new place.

BTW, FWIW, I've done two versions of F14 now, one used an existing $HOME
and the other is a pristine one.  Neither copies of Evo are crashing at
the moment.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my account config or possibly cached files from the previous install. It's completely repeatable and basically means I can't start Evo without it crashing (or rather I could start it offline but as soon as it tries to synch a specific folder it crashes).

Now having said that, I did also have one crash on a completely fresh install in a new F14 system, set up to read the same accounts.


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