Re: [Evolution] Evo closes when clicking on folders or emails

I'm running Evo 2.28.3 on Ubuntu 10.04
Evo keeps closing, apparently at random, when I click on a folder or
email message.
I haven't been able to pin this down to a certain email or folder - it
seems to happen sometimes and not at others.
Is there a log file that I could view to try and track this down?

Thanks for the advice - I forgot about apport! I had it installed - here
are the logs from the last two crashes:

[16893.013910] evolution[1434]: segfault at 1366d1d8 ip 06ac965e sp
bfa2b470 error 4 in[6a42000+a4000]

[ 7840.797161] evolution[1432]: segfault at b473c790 ip 00e5093f sp
bfce7090 error 4 in[e34000+40000]


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