Re: [Evolution] add "Attachment Reminer" feature into Evolution

Now I have an idea. I want to add an "Attachment Reminder" feature
into Evolution.
The basic idea is when key words such as "attach",
"attachment" appears in the text
of mail and no any attatchment is appended, the "Attachment Reminder"
will pop up
a window to ask whether needing append an attachment after senders
click the send 

Errm, it's already part of Evolution!!

This reminder feature can be designed to be optional, because some
advanced users
may not forgot the attatchment, and so do not need the reminder. 
I do not confirm whether this feature has been implemented in
Evolution. If not, I want 
this feature as an idea for gnome to participate in the
SummerOfCoder2010 (please refer to I need a
mentor to help me.
Is there anyone who want to be a mentor to help me?

Wouldn't it be better to actually investigate whether the feature exists
before proposing it for Summer of Code?

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