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Quite a few valid reasons for IMAP.  Except.  In my situation, I don't
need backup by an administrator, I'm him.  All the accounts on my
single machine are from only two hosts.  I don't need auto vacation
messages. I keep my folders quite small in size/number of messages.
I have a huge distrust of having personal stuff on someone else's
computer.  I know it passes through one, but it doesn't stay.

Would you agree in my situation I am as well served with POP3 as IMAP?

Even if going rather OT by now: 

1. Your distrust of having personal stuff on someone else's computer,
although correct (I am also paranoid), does not change the fact that
simply by using public ISPs (either as the source, sink, or forwarder)
has already made your personal stuff be accessible by anyone in the
middle. As such, trust/distrust in third parties does not affect a
decision between either POP or IMAP.

2. If you only use one machine, and will keep on using the same one
machine until hell freezes over, or you die, or you cease to use email
(any condition satisfies) then certainly POP is more than enough. If
not, you may want to consider IMAP.

3. POP allows for offline access of emails (already received, of
course), IMAP does not (but most clients will offer the option for
local storage of email).

As simple as that ;-)


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