Re: [Evolution] IMAP vs. POP

On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 04:34 -0600, Bart wrote:
Quite a few valid reasons for IMAP.  Except.  In my situation, I don't
need backup by an administrator, I'm him.  All the accounts on my single
machine are from only two hosts.  I don't need auto vacation messages.
I keep my folders quite small in size/number of messages.  I have a huge
distrust of having personal stuff on someone else's computer.  I know it
passes through one, but it doesn't stay.

Would you agree in my situation I am as well served with POP3 as IMAP?

I'm a bit in your situation, but with more users. I'm using a home IMAP
server, simply because I have several computers I want to access my mail
from (plus a webmail, plus my phone). Using IMAP (with a
name) I can read my mail everywhere, on any machine.
POP3 cant beat that.


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