Re: [Evolution] Schedule a filter?

Am Mittwoch, den 10.03.2010, 09:46 -0600 schrieb Brad Doty:
Filters are disappointing if you cannot schedule them.  And they are
TEDIOUS if I have to go to every folder (including Trash) and apply the
filters (and Empty Trash)

I think you're misunderstanding the very basic principle of filters
here. Their main goal is to perform certain actions on new messages. For
example you can use a filter to file all new messages from a certain
person, group, or containing a certain key word in the subject into a
specific folder upon arrival. They are by no means meant to be run
individually for each and every folder to perform actions a scheduler is
supposed to perform.

What you want is something completely different - basically a scheduler
for Evolution. I can assure you that no email program, be that
Evolution, Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook features a full-fledged
scheduler ;)


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