[Evolution] OT: LDAP access with OutLook like Evo does


In my Evolution I have configured in the data about my mail account the
name of our central LDAP server. The result in my Evo is that
while putting together a new mail or a reply, I can just type in the
field To:/Cc:/Bcc: some characters like 'john' (without the '') and it
gives me all addrs from LDAP having somewhere in his/her name 'john'.
So far so good.

Some OutLook user here was asking me, how he can have this in the famous
OutLook, connected to the same Exchange server. He only gets names as a
list out of local contacts, i.e. folks to which he already wrote in the
past. Which is not so good if you write to some colleague for the 1st
time... And I've not seen any tab in his OutLook where I could put the name
of the LDAP server in :-(

Any ideas?


Matthias Apitz
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