Re: [Evolution] won't expunge/empty trash

I also tried to reduce the size of a large folder by moving some
mail to a different folder and got the same kind of error message.

If you moved it to a different real folder without expunging the
original folder, you now have two physical copies of each "moved"

No--I was moving it to a different Evolution mail folder.

A "move" is implemented as "copy" then "mark as deleted" - so as Patrick
says all you are doing by moving the message to a different folder is
creating a copy, then still leaving a version in the original folder
that is merely marked as deleted - if you don't (or can't) expunge the
folder, then it is still there,

There are now about 175 emails in my Trash folder that won't go away.

Trash is a virtual folder. The original mails are in exactly the same
place they were before, just marked for deletion. Because of the expunge
problem, you didn't actually move anything, you copied it.

Right. My point was to indicate how many there were that aren't being
expunged. I.e., some are being expunged, but each time there seem to be
a few more there that aren't being expunged--now up to 175.

You didn't say that some were being expunged and not others - are all
the messages not being expunged from the same original folder?  Is that
folder large - i.e. is it approaching 2Gb?

Also, is the folder local to the machine or is it an imap folder?

And as Patrick said, remember that the Trash folder is not real - it's a
virtual folder that contains pointers to all the messages in all folders
on that account that are marked as being deleted.


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