Re: [Evolution] Subject: Re: mail client application

On Fri, 2010-06-25 at 08:59 +0530, vijay singh wrote:
I am just following what is written in top mailing list.

When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
than "Re: Contents of evolution-list digest..."

So i am replaying to list by editing my subject>

Please let me know what is problem on this ??

I'm not sure who gave you that advice (I've been off the list for a
couple of days) but although I'm sure it was well-intentioned, it gives
the misleading impression that replying to a digest is OK as long as you
change the Subject line.

It's not.

There is *no* circumstance in which replying to a digest is acceptable.
Mailing list digests are designed as a strictly read-only channel. If
you ever need to reply to message contained in a digest, post your reply
as an entirely separate (new) message and copy the correct Subject line,
or (better) go into the Gmane news-to-mail service ( and post
a reply to that specific message.

When you reply, trim any quoted material that isn't relevant and add
your comments after each part you want to refer to (there may be more
than one part of course). Do not top-post. Do not include the entire
quoted message you're replying to unless it's short. Especially, never
quote an entire digest back to the list, since all you're doing is
resend a bunch of material that we've all seen before and that has
nothing to do with your reply. Of course you won't be replying to
digests anyway so that problem won't arise, but I mention it so you'll
understand why people are so annoyed.

We don't have formal guidelines on this list, but here's a reference to
some from a different list, which I think are sensible and relevant:


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