Re: [Evolution] Question about Evolution on Linux

On 6/19/2010 9:44 AM, Benjamin (Ben) Badgley wrote:

Re: [Evolution] Question about Evolution on Linux

Possibly another long term complaint is the lack of active filters?
I set up filters in Evolution to no avail. Using the latest stable
Ubuntu, and just upgraded Evolution today. But it still does not filter
my email. *sigh*

I'm guessing you've either missed a checkbox somewhere or have filters that are corrupt in some way. Other than a few hiccups, filters have worked fine for me for ~3 years or more through 2.26? til current (for the majority of that time i've run either svn or git head -- hence the few hiccups).

Try deleting any filters that you currently have and create a new one to test with. Then check the account setting tabs and make sure you have the apply filters checkbox ticked --- not in front of my evo setup right now so doing this from memory....

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