Re: [Evolution] Question about Evolution on Linux

On 06/18/2010 12:45 AM, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
I'm using the latest build of Evolution on a Ubuntu Linux Desktop

When I check for new mail, I'd love to be able to just check for my
e-mail.  I have several newsgroups set up, but it's nothing but trouble
the way Evolution seems to be acting.  It hangs forever as it tries to
connect with a newsgroup.

How can I tell Evolution to check only the e-mail account, and not the


Not only will it connect with each newsgroup, you have no ability to
limit the amount of headers that it fetches. This has been a longtime
Evolution complaint & is the primary reason why I stopped using
Evolution for newsgroup reading. Try subscribing to a
newsgroup like gmane.comp.openoffice.questions with a total of 151,451
messages the first time, or even this newsgroup with a total of 8597
messages, or worse yet, gmane.ubuntu.linux.user with a total of 219,950

Use Thunderbird or SeaMonkey for newsgroups (and/or email); at least
with those you can limit the amount of headers you wish to download.

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