Re: [Evolution] Question about Evolution on Linux

Am Freitag, den 18.06.2010, 00:45 -0700 schrieb Jeffrey Needle:
I'm using the latest build of Evolution on a Ubuntu Linux Desktop

When I check for new mail, I'd love to be able to just check for my
e-mail.  I have several newsgroups set up, but it's nothing but trouble
the way Evolution seems to be acting.  It hangs forever as it tries to
connect with a newsgroup.

How can I tell Evolution to check only the e-mail account, and not the


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I am using 2.28 on ubuntu karmic.
If you check manually via F9, there pops up a small window, which
disappears as soon as fetching is complete, but gives the user the
opportunity to cancel the operation on an account basis. 
Also, in preferences, under receiving Options, you can configure, 
if new mails are fetched from your account automatically and set
the time interval.
Finally, you can also deactivate your news account by selecting 
the newsgroup account and choose right-mouse -> deactivate.
Hope that helps.


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