Re: [Evolution] Evolution for Windows

Will there ever be a stable install of Evolution for Windows?

Many people find the latest one quite stable.

ÂI've downloaded the latest,

How can we know that you really have downloaded the latest, and not
just the latest you happened to find that actually isn't, if you don't
tell us exactly *what* you downloaded, and from where?

and I can never get past the system hanging unpredictably

All the system hanging? Evolution can hardly cause that. Most likely
your machine is just full of malware.

I do hope there are plans for a stable Evolution for Windows in the near future

Well, to be frank, how much would you be prepared to pay for a support
contract for Evolution? And how many contracts would you purchase?
*That* is what decides if some company, existing or future, has any
such plans. (And if some company has such plans, obviously they aren't
going to discuss them in public.) This is just my personal opinion,
but  you can forget potential misconceptions about Free and Open
Source Software meaning high quality "free support" from the
"community", especially on what to the developers is an oddball
platform like Windows. There are harsh commercial realities that
decide the actions of the various companies involved.

Please note that there are many people who claim that (some
unspecified version of) Evolution is not stable on Linux either...
(Sure, such people might be just clueless and do something stupid
themselves, or have some (not so) hidden agenda. But still.)


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