[Evolution] From column not showing email address in 2.28.3


I am having a bit of a weird problem with my installation of
Evolution. First off let me list what I am using.

Kubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS
Evolution 2.28.3
Evolution MAPI plugin 0.28.3

I have successfully connected to my company's Exchange server using
the MAPI plugin and I was able to download all my mail, contacts,
tasks and calendar items. This was great. The only problem was that in
the Mail section where I see the list of emails. The column labeled
"From" appears to be blank. The only place it is filled are for really
old emails that are about a year old. Every new email that arrives
shows the email address or name in the "From" column, but not for any
of the older emails previous to that.

I can't find anything about this on bugzilla and the ubuntu forms are
leaving me to a dead end.
Anyone here have an idea what could be causing this?

Thanks much appreciated.

george dma gmail com

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