Re: [Evolution] change default mail folder

On Mon, 2010-07-19 at 14:46 -0500, Andre Delattre wrote:
The folder that I would like to keep all of the data that normally
resides in HOME/.evolution is home/media/Storage/evolution
I'm running evolution 2.28.3 on a 64 bit Lucid machine.
Any advice on moving the default folder location?

If I can get my project done in time, this should be supported in a more
official capacity in Evolution 3.0.

I'm making Evolution comply with the XDG Base Directory
Specification [1], which dictates where desktop applications should put
data.  Bottom line: $HOME/.evolution will be dismantled and its content
partitioned into three different directories:


The environment variables default to $HOME/.cache, $HOME/.config, and
$HOME/.local/share respectively, but can be overridden to tell either
Evolution alone or your entire desktop to put data elsewhere (depends
how you set up your environment).


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