Re: [Evolution] Mail notification option in mail preference

El lun, 12-07-2010 a las 18:18 +0530, vijay singh escribió:
On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 09:44 -0300, Sylvia Sánchez wrote:
> It's on  Edit->Plugins->Mail notification.
> And it's not working fine.  I have 2.30 on Debian and it doesn't work
> at all.

> Regards
> Sylvia

I can see mail notification option is available with 2.28.3 as
well.(Edit->Plugins->Mail notification) but it is not working.
Do i have to do any other setting.

Nop, I guess is a bug.  It doesn't work at all in your and in my version.  I will report it and then send the link to the list if anybody wants make a comment.


PD:  You answered only to me, I re-send it to the list with my answer and so.

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