Re: [Evolution] POP account problem

After connecting to POP account i have seen below problem :

1.I am not able to view all the folder available in my account.

Pop accounts do not have folders on the server.  You must create them on
your local machine.  Then, you have the next problem.

My Yahoo account have some folder (eg. INBOX, Sent Mail And folder
created by me manually in my account) and if i want to access my yahoo
account by using evo then i should get complete folder tree,othervise i
have to search again my personal folder mail from Inbox.
Which is so frustrating for me.

2.if i will add two or more pop account on evolution then mail are
getting mixed for all the account in my INBOX.

All POP messages go to the INBOX unless you create filters to have them
go into a different location.

Please suggest me the solution.

I have a separate folder on my machine for each POP account.  I have
filters that recognize the POP server and send the message to it's
folder on my machine.

You can also create different accounts so your sent mail will show as
originating on each SMTP server.

Evolution working perfectly for IMAP account.

As it does on my machine for POP accounts.  Hope that helps.

One more issue i have seen:
I am not able to find complete account mail database information
@/home/.evolution/mail/pop/Account Name/folders.db data base file.i used
to get same for IMAP account very well.
Can you suggest me how i can get.


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