[Evolution] [Enhancement] Double/triple clicking should work same as other Linux applications

Since we're on pet peeves, this is mine.

In every other Linux application, double clicking on a word selects the
whole word and moving the cursor while holding a mouse button down
selects all words from the one double clicked on to the word on which
the cursor now stands, inclusive.  In Evolution, similarly moving the
cursor after double clicking a word moves the start selection point to
the point that the cursor was when double clicking, and the end point to
the point where the cursor now stands.  I much prefer the general Linux
behavior, particularly since double clicking and then moving the cursor
slightly results in nothing being selected (easy to do by accident).
The same is true for triple clicking, substituting line for word.

Evolution should behave the same as other Linux applications with this
respect.  Opinions?

I have submitted this to the Gnome Bugzilla as a proposed enhancement.


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