Re: [Evolution] IMAP+ plugin for evolution v2.12.3

On Mon, 2010-12-13 at 10:50 -0500, Thomas Walker wrote:
I have some folders with a large number of messages in them, when I 
use evolution v2.12.3 I get an error about Refreshing the folder when I 
try to browse to them.

what is the exact error, please?

Smaller folders work just fine.  One of the 
examples is a folder with 2,220 message in it.

That's not large at all. I've a folder with 80K+ messages and the IMAP
provider works fine there.

By using a machine with 
evolution version 2.30 I found that selecting the IMAP+ type instead of 
IMAP fixes the problem.

It would be pretty surprising to see this on IMAP provider in 2.30.x+
too. As I mentioned above, works for me with much larger folders.

 Looking at the doc for IMAP+ one of it's 
features is to download messages in batches, so I think that's what I need.

   However, I cannot upgrade my OS, so I am stuck with evolution 2.12 
for now.  Is there any way to either get the IMAP+ plugin for my version 
or to at least get the "download in batches" feature?

It would be technically pretty hard, due to API changes between your
ancient version and the 2.30.x, not talking about actual git master and
actual stable (2.32.1).

Either way (finding the exact issue and fixing it or if you hire some
student or such whom will do the backport work for you) you will need to
build evolution (or more likely evolution-data-server) on your machine. 

Though if the problem is with the server, then maybe fix it there? Hard
to tell, without the error message. You can also run evolution like:
   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution &>evo.log
and select the folder, see the error, close evolution and then search
that evo.log file and check the communication between the server and
evolution, and what didn't like your server (though it's usually not
easy to read this kind of log and it's pretty large, so do not send it
here, also because it can contain private data, like server names, user
names and passwords).

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