[Evolution] Take older configuration files

Hi there

Call me stupid or so, but I don't get it.
Uhm, I had an evolution running on ubuntu 10.04, but after the system crashed I just rescued the data from ~. After that, I reinstalled ubuntu and then just copied the data from ~/.evolution (from the old system) into the ~/.evolution on the new system, and this worked fine, what means that I had all my data back. After a short time, the system crashed again and I finally realised my HD is broken. Anyway. I then installed archLinux on a new HD and recopied ~/.evolution into my new homedirectory, but now it's not working.

Of course I could just retype the configuration, but to be honest: I don't know how to config evolution for the horde mailservertool, and this is why I'd be really glad if I'd just take the old config files. Now my question: Is there (still) any way to just copy/paste old config files for evolution to get an account back?
Could it be that I just missed to redo something that'd be needed?


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