Re: [Evolution] Translating Email within Evo'?

On Thu, 2010-08-26 at 18:26 +1200, Chriss4 wrote:
Hi All

I am in contact with different folk in countries that do not write in
English, So I get email in another language, copy it, then open a
session in Firefox with an add on translation pack so I can read what
they have actually said and paste etc.

Is there a translation/conversion that Evo' can work with, within
eg Highlight the text then right click a mini menu and select
translate, a mini screen might pop up and the translation is then

You can pipe a message to an external program, however it appears to be
activated only via a filter rule so that may not be too convenient. I
see there's also a separate "Run Program" option in the filter actions,
which appears to be undocumented. Must be a recent addition I guess.


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