[Evolution] Exporting important messages from command line


I'm trying to export messages from my Inbox to an mbox file, but only if
they're flagged 'important'.  Additionally, I'm doing it remotely over a
slow connection, so it has to be done by command line.  Here's what I've
done so far:

$ cd ~/.evolution/mail/local
$ sqlite3 folders.db
sqlite> select uid From Inbox where important=1;

Now, how do I figure out which email message in 'Inbox' goes with each uid?

Apparently, I might be able to do this:

$ evolution "email://local local/Inbox;uid=1"

except for the fact that I can't do a gui over my slow connection.

I've looked at the camel format, and decided I don't want to deal with it.
 So now I either have to write a program that uses libcamel, or something
that talks to the evolution data server with dbus or whatever.

Isn't there a simple command-line way to get an email message by its uid? 
If not, I may try extraction using the 'from'-'to'-'date' fields with


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