[Evolution] Evolution Mail Filters / Junk Filters

Hey list,

I am using Evolution 2.30.2 on Lucid on amd64. I have the spamassassin
package installed.

I noticed that my junk and mail filters are not used unless manually
invoked. If I select a bunch of mail and then run Message -> Apply
Filters or Message -> Check for Junk, they both work as expected. When
new mail arrives, they aren't invoked automatically though unless I do
the aforementioned.

Checking under Mail Preferences -> Junk tab, I have Check incoming
messages for junk, Check custom headers for junk, use SpamAssassin
plugin, and Include remote tests enabled.

I'm assuming there's a box I've overlooked somewhere that I haven't
checked. I am using IMAP, in case that helps.

PS I am not a subscriber, so please cc me. Thanks.

Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
OpenPGP encrypted/signed mail preferred

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