Re: [Evolution] Cannot Create New or Delete Existing Categories

El jue, 15-07-2010 a las 12:27 -0500, Arthur Machlas escribiÃ:
Using Evolution 2.30.2 on Debian Squeeze I attempt to create a new
category, assign an icon and create, however, the new category is not
created. Similarly, when I delete the default categories I do not want, e.g,.
VIP, say ok then close. When I next reopen the categories all those I
deleted have been recreated.

It happens to me too.  I think is a bug.  Actually, the category is created but not showed.  Try to create 
another category with the > same name and the program will "It's already > > created".  If you type in the 
box above, your created categories appear.  Also > > appears in calendar view.
If nobody knows how to fix I'll file bug.

I've filed a bug with Debian here:

A workaround should be possible, if only I could find where the
default list is being created from.


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